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Dr. Gregorio López Dr. Gregorio López

Dr. Gregorio López

Project coordinator

Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the MSc in Cybersecurity at Comillas ICAI. His current research interests revolve around the optimization of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications networks based on analysis and simulation, cybersecurity and data analytics for the IoT, and the use of technology and the Internet, especially by minors, and how it can be improved by means of serious games.

Dr. Viera Žúborová Dr. Viera Žúborová

Dr. Viera Žúborová

Communication and dissemination leader of WP7

Executive director, Bratislava Policy Institute. She focuses her interests on issues of populism, extremism, social movements, civil society, political communication and marketing and intolerance, hate speech. From September 2019 – 2020 Viera has also participated as a member of the expert team of the 1st year of the “School without Hate” program.

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