D2.5 Open report on Technological threats associated with the cybercrimes considered


Task 3.2 “IT threat landscape: identification of most common online threats for children and young adults” represents the main interface and contact point between WP2 and WP1 and this deliverable is one of the main outputs of the interdisciplinary work carried out between WP2 and WP1. In WP1, the main human factors affecting the cybercrimes considered in the RAYUELA project (i.e., cyberbullying, online grooming, human trafficking, and misinformation) are analyzed from different perspectives (e.g., psychological and sociological perspectives). In contrast, the main goal of this WP2’s deliverable is to analyze the role and impact of technology and technological threats on such cybercrimes. The methodology followed to achieve this objective combines conducting a literature review with collecting first-hand information through surveys. In particular, we have conducted two surveys to gather insightful information from two main sources: (1) the experts participating in the RAYUELA project working in Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and educational institutions; (2) adolescents, to better understand their Internet habits, the applications and devices they use, and the potential relationships with the considered cybercrimes. The latter survey has been also used in WP1 to better understand the human factors affecting such cybercrimes. This analysis has been included in D1.7 “Open report on Victim and offender profile description report”. It is worthwhile to highlight that, while carrying out the research in WP1 and WP2, it was identified the necessity of conducting such a survey, which complements and goes beyond the outcomes that the consortium committed to deliver as part of WP1 and WP2 of the Grant Agreement.