D4.9/ D4.10 Open Data considerations report


D4.9: Initial data management plan reporting on applying FAIR principles in the RAYUELA action.

This deliverable is part of the activities carried out in task 4.4. Open Data considerations for the project’s research and development framework. The objective of this task is to identify resources developed in the scope of this project which can be delivered as Open Data to the Open Data portal. It should be reminded that the Grant Agreement of RAYUELA does not contain the general obligation to openly share all research data. Nonetheless, the RAYUELA project will endeavour to share as much data as is possible, taking into account legal and ethical restrictions. 

The Consortium will ensure that the data delivered to the Open Data portal are GDPR compliant, does not contain any direct identifiers like person names, addresses etc., and are IPR free. This validation will ensure that the data developed for RAYUELA can be reused in further research. 

In this deliverable, we look into key aspects that may determine when data qualify as open data. The main purpose of this deliverable is to provide general guidelines common to the opening of data and to provide a simple checklist to ensure that data generated by the project can be considered open, do not contain personal data and comply with the requirements and good practices of open data. The document is structured so that in the beginning we look at the key characteristics of open data (Section 2), in Section 3 we outline main considerations for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This section is followed by validation guidelines and checklist for open data compliance (Section 4). In the first months of the project, we conducted a survey among the partners to understand what categories of data will be processed during project implantation, Section 5 describe procedure and initial results of this survey. 

D4.10: Final data management plan reporting on the application of FAIR principles in the RAYUELA action.

This deliverable outlines crucial considerations when it comes to publishing data for potential reuse. The central element in this context is the availability of data in a machine-readable format, a paramount requirement without which any subsequent research or data modelling efforts would face significant challenges. 

Despite not being obligated to disclose datasets, the consortium has taken proactive measures to release an anonymised dataset derived from the RAYUELA pilots. The dataset contains information gathered during the pilots conducted across various European Union member states as part of the RAYUELA project. Importantly, these pilots involved minors, with supervised sessions conducted in educational institutions and summer camps, ensuring strict adherence to safety and ethical standards. 

For the convenience of potential dataset users, the dataset has been made accessible through Zenodo1, a platform dedicated to promoting open access to scientific and research data. 

By providing access to this data, the consortium not only supports future research efforts but also upholds transparency and fosters collaborative knowledge-sharing within the broader academic and research community. 

This deliverable provides details about the dataset, including its origin and the rationale for making the data open (Section 3). Section 4 outlines the procedure for publishing data on Zenodo, while Section 5 delineates the steps taken to comply with GDPR regulations. Finally, Section 6 elucidates how the FAIR principle is being implemented.