D5.5 Pilot studies monitoring and evaluation results


The “Pilot Studies Monitoring and Evaluation Results” deliverable provides a comprehensive analysis of the pilot studies conducted in various phases across multiple countries. It focuses on the continuous monitoring and supervision of the pilot studies, aiming to assess the effectiveness and impact of the RAYUELA solutions, particularly with emphasis on the serious game component. The report outlines the conclusions and achievements drawn from the evaluations, including data recorded, usability, user experience (UX), and the knowledge perception of stakeholders involved. This report includes five (5) main Sections. 

Section 1 “Introduction” introduces the “Pilot Studies Monitoring and Evaluation Results” deliverable and provides an overview of the entire report. 

Section 2 “Methodology” explains the design and approach used in conducting the pilot studies. It details the data collection methods employed, the profile of participants and stakeholders involved, and addresses any ethical considerations considered during the studies. 

Section 3 “RAYUELA Pilot Studies” presents the results and analysis of the pilot studies conducted in the three Phases of the project pilots: 

  • Phase 1 across Greece, Spain, and Belgium. It highlights the key findings and conclusions drawn from each individual pilot study 
  • Phase 2, involving Greece, Spain, and Belgium. It compares and contrasts the results with those of Phase 1, identifying any significant trends or changes. 
  • Phase 3, involving Greece, Spain, Belgium, Estonia, and the UK as the main partner country. It analyses the data gathered and discusses the implications of these results on the RAYUELA solutions. 

The analysis also includes the pilot studies conducted in additional countries during Phase 3, namely France, Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Czechia, Hungary, Netherlands, and Portugal. It provides a comprehensive overview of the evaluations’ outcomes in these countries. 

Section 4 “Knowledge Perception of Stakeholders” presents the results of perception surveys conducted to gauge the knowledge and understanding of RAYUELA solutions. It discusses how stakeholders perceive the educational impact of the project. 

Section 5 “Conclusions” summarizes the key findings and takeaways from the pilot studies and evaluations. It highlights the lessons learned throughout the project and offers recommendations for further development and implementation.