D7.4 School Toolkit on cybercrime


The primary objective of educational materials under the RAYUELA project is to design new content and materials aimed at raising awareness of the impact of cybercrime on EU youth. This critical initiative seeks to reach children, parents, teachers, and educators, imparting knowledge about the main threats posed by cybercrime. The task focuses on two core aspects: 

1. Educational Content and Materials: The project aims to develop innovative and informative educational content and materials related to cybercrime. These resources will be disseminated across schools, relevant stakeholders, trainers, and organizations involved in combating cybercrime. The intention is to empower the target audience with knowledge and strategies to protect themselves from cyber threats effectively. 

2. Visual Campaign: In addition to the educational materials, the project will create a compelling visual campaign emphasizing the importance of safeguarding against cybercrime. This campaign will center around a short, powerful video featuring young individuals who will candidly share their personal experiences with cybercrime. The video will be designed to captivate the audience and effectively convey the message. It will have a maximum duration of three minutes to ensure optimal engagement.