Educating Youth on Cybercrime through Engaging Quizzes


The RAYUELA project implemented an innovative cybercrime education campaign using online quizzes to engage youth. The 5-month campaign was hosted on Instagram and TikTok, with teenagers and young adults as the target audience.

Each month, the quiz topics related to cybercrimes, including fake news, cyberbullying, online grooming, cyber hate, and human trafficking. The quizzes contained ten multiple-choice or true/false questions based on realistic scenarios and examples. Explanations were provided after each question to educate users.

Instead of framing the quizzes as a competition, the goal was to raise awareness. Correct answers were shared immediately to maintain user privacy while encouraging reflection. Over 5,000 quiz entries were recorded across both platforms. The campaign gained new profile followers and positive engagement from youth.

Key takeaways from the quiz campaign are that bite-sized quizzes work well for short attention spans, and relatable examples help reinforce learning. Sharing correct answers instead of asking users to submit responses protects privacy. Cross-promoting the quizzes expands reach without compromising anonymity.

Overall, RAYUELA’s cybercrime quiz campaign innovatively leveraged social media and engaging content to educate youth on digital threats. The informative, entertaining format focused on awareness rather than competition proved effective. This novel approach could be a model for future cyber literacy initiatives targeting digital-native audiences.