RAYUELA Educational Safeguarding Cyber Spaces


An Ethical Guide to Preventing Cybercrime among Children

Mari-Liisa Parder (PhD), Anu Tammeleht (PhD), Viera Zuborova (PhD), Jana Baricicova, Adel Sadlonova. Õnne Allaje-Kukk, Laura Lilles-Heinsar

We are excited to announce the publication of an important new educational guide focused on preventing cybercrime among children and youth. Developed as part of the EU-funded Rayuela project, this comprehensive book offers practical guidance and resources to help educators and professionals safeguard young people online.

Titled “Safeguarding Cyber Spaces: A Comprehensive Guide to Preventing Cybercrime Among Children”, the book provides in-depth information on three major cyber threats faced by minors today – cyberbullying, online grooming, and human trafficking. It examines the unique challenges posed by cybercrime involving children and the need to build their digital skills, moral sensitivity, and ethical understanding when using the internet.

The guide has a strong focus on prevention. It equips readers with expertise, critical thinking capabilities and skills to navigate online environments appropriately. Concrete lesson plans are included to engage adolescents on cybercrime prevention, virtual ethics, and responsible online conduct. Game-based activities aim to deliver important lessons on combatting cyberbullying, detecting fake news, and avoiding online exploitation in an interactive, experiential manner.

By immersing young people in simulated online surroundings, they can learn through problem-solving activities, developing realistic competencies to tackle cyberbullying, fact-check information, and protect themselves from grooming. Incorporating such educational games can make understanding and engagement towards online safety both informative and enjoyable.

Overall, this comprehensive guidebook strives to provide the knowledge and tools needed to safeguard children online and prevent the dangers of the digital world. We hope educators, professionals working with youth, and parents find it a valuable resource.