We are excited to announce the launch of our new animated video series aimed at educating minors on strategies to prevent cyberbullying, grooming, human trafficking, and misinformation.

Over the past few months, our team has been hard at work conceptualizing, designing, and producing this innovative 4-part series. Set in a retro gaming world, the videos feature two fox protagonists, Johana and William, who embark on adventures to thwart various cybercrime threats.

Through an engaging storyline and eye-catching visuals, the videos showcase important lessons on how minors can protect themselves online. The first video focuses on strategies to handle cyberbullying, teaching viewers how to respond to online harassment and get help. The second video deals with grooming, providing tips on how to spot suspicious online interactions and warning signs.

The third video in the series raises awareness about human trafficking, particularly sexual exploitation. It equips children with knowledge on how traffickers operate online and how to stay safe. The final video teaches critical thinking skills to identify misinformation and fake news online.

In addition to the videos, we designed entertaining quizzes on each cybercrime topic to boost engagement and learning. Participants can test their understanding of the lessons from the videos by answering true/false questions.

We believe this audiovisual series delivers vital information in an accessible way. By leveraging storytelling and gaming elements, the videos make learning about online safety interactive and fun. The quizzes further reinforce key lessons.

We hope this campaign will empower minors to make smart choices online and avoid the pitfalls of the digital world.