RAYUELA TikTok awareness-raising campaign 


Raising Awareness on TikTok: A Creative Youth Campaign Against Cybercrime

ALL DIGITAL carried out an innovative 5-month awareness-raising campaign on TikTok to educate teenagers and young people about cybercrimes. The campaign engaged young musical artists to produce original songs and videos tailored for the TikTok audience.

  • Campaign Overview:
  • Three artists created content – Julia Adriana, “5 Times Rock” band, Kirk Tiller
  • Each month we focused on a different cybercrime theme: fake news, cyberbullying, online grooming, cyber hate, and human trafficking.
  • Artists made one song + 3 videos per month: music video, lyrics video, informative video
  • Over 50 TikTok posts generated nearly 40,000 views
  • Content Production:
  • Songs and videos were inspired by artists’ experiences/ research
  • Music producer Ismène Elbers oversaw the creation process.
  • ALL DIGITAL graphic designer created branding/visuals
  • Artists filmed videos themselves or with production support
  • Results:
  • There were 40,000 TikTok views, 3,000 likes, 52 new followers
  • Artists promoted the campaign on TV, radio, and in newspapers in the Netherlands.
  • Key Recommendations:
  • Have a clear strategy and target audience
  • Post consistently 3+ times per week
  • Use consistent visual branding
  • Leverage viral hashtags to reach a wider audience.
  • Have content ready to publish on schedule
  • Invest in TikTok promotion to boost visibility

Overall, this innovative campaign by ALL DIGITAL demonstrated how impactful it can be to tap into youth culture and creativity to raise awareness about important issues like cybercrime. By meeting young audiences where they were already engaged on social platforms like TikTok, the campaign gained more traction. The use of music as a communication medium was also powerful. This youth-led pilot provided a strong model for future initiatives aiming to educate and empower young people on today’s digital issues.