Date: April 5, 2022 06:07 UTC

Most of the Rayuela team were able to gather for the 4th Consortium meeting, which took place in Bilbao. This meeting was special to our team as we were successfully finishing two working packages, specifically WP1 (BUILDING A KNOWLEDGE BASE ON CYBERCRIME DRIVERS FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS) led by Comillas and WP2 (TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT AND IT THREAT LANDSCAPE) lead by UPM. The team was also getting ready for a report, which will be handed to the European Commission giving direct feedback on so far-developed activities and tasks. The purpose of this meeting was also to set up the work plan for the next 6 months and to discuss each WP and its developments. Even though not all the partners were able to attend this meeting most of them were present and the rest of the partners were involved through the video call.

  • WP leaders WP leaders
  • Gregorio López Gregorio López
  • Violeta Vázquez González Violeta Vázquez González