Addressing cybersafety through games

RAYUELA organized and delivered a session in the Open Schooling Summer School 2021. The workshop focused on cybersafety in schools and classrooms. Understanding cybersafety is a rather key element in the quest for digitally mature schools in the era of AI and increased digitalization.

Date: July 8, 2021 07:47 UTC

The RAYUELA workshop in the Open Schooling Summer School 2021 focused on schools and classrooms as open and safe spaces, studying key cybersafety concepts and using a Kahoot quiz that aimed to help participants reflect upon crucial issues in relation to cybercriminality, with a particular emphasis on the behaviour of minors. The Summer School is a continuous professional development training event addressed at teachers, school leaders and policy makers and is being organised annually as part of the European School Innovation Academy (ESIA) and the European project Reflecting4Change. The Summer School aims to familiarize participants with the open schooling approach that provides a powerful framework for school heads and teachers to engage, discuss and explore: how schools need to evolve, transform and reinvent; how schools facilitate open, more effective and efficient co-design, co-creation, and use of educational content tools and services for personalized science learning and teaching; how schools can become safe, innovation incubators and accelerators.

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  • Stephanos Cherouvis Stephanos Cherouvis