Cybercrimes and Teenagers. Risks and threats on digital environments

An interactive workshop on the awareness of cybercrime affecting young people experiencing a story based dynamic to evaluate what happens in a realistic type of situation. The workshop is based on RAYUELA project focused on empowering and educating young people to a more conscious and aware use of the Internet through gaming, in a preventive and mitigating action to reduce cybercriminal behaviour.

Date: October 21, 2021 14:21 UTC

Within the ALL DIGITAL Summit scenario, 13-15 October 2021, during the first day of the conference with high level of policy makers and international stakeholders within digital and education, participants have been engaged in an active discussion on the meanings of specific terminology and behaviour related with cybercrime, such as “online grooming”. Using a Kahoot quiz, Dr. Stephanos Cherouvis, Senior Researcher, Ellinogermaniki Agogi, has facilitated the discussion on the awareness shared by participants. Questions around the topic have been raised and answered with insights from Dr. Maria Reneses Botija, Postdoctoral Researcher, Universidad Comillas, based on the researches carried out during RAYUELA project partners. An overall ovierview of the project has been provided by Dr. Gregorio Lopez, Assistant Professor, Universidad Comillas, with the invitation of following the project channels for the Raising Awareness campaign that is going to start, designed and developed by Dr. Claudia Matera, Project and Fundraising Officer at ALL DIGITAL.

Links: Speakers:
  • Gregorio López Gregorio López
  • Stephanos Cherouvis Stephanos Cherouvis
  • Claudia Matera Claudia Matera
  • Maria Reneses Botija Maria Reneses Botija