The influence of RAYUELA pilots: Promoting Cyber Safety for Young People

The development of the RAYUELA game has shown potential in promoting cyber safety and online literacy among children and teenagers. Through validation tests involving minors, RAYUELA has proven its ability to effectively educate users about navigating potential risks in the digital world.

In the tests, 125 participants between the ages of 11 and 16 from different European countries participated. These volunteers tried out versions of the game. They provided valuable feedback to improve its core mechanics, cyber adventures, and educational content.

Further tests were conducted with over 700 children from Spain, Belgium, and Greece. The game was enhanced with features based on feedback, resulting in improvements in gameplay experience, user engagement, and cyber security lessons.

The final large-scale test involved more than 1,200 people from 11 European nations. This diverse group allowed developers to evaluate how accessible and adaptable the game is across languages and cultures. Participants praised RAYUELA’s adventures for keeping them interested while learning about online behaviors.

In addition to benefiting children, RAYUELA is an educational resource for teachers and schools. Its game format appeals to youth while reinforcing concepts related to cyber safety taught in classrooms. RAYUELA aligns with standards on technology and ethics in countries. By involving individuals and incorporating their input throughout the development process, the creators of RAYUELA ensured that the final product would deeply resonate with its intended users. Analyzing data on usage patterns and collecting feedback through questionnaires indicates that the game successfully captivates individuals on essential subjects such as safeguarding personal data, recognizing misinformation, and navigating online relationships.

As RAYUELA continues to evolve, it is crucial for testing and research to maintain this dedication towards creating a morally sound resource for promoting cyber safety. Nevertheless, current outcomes already demonstrate the effectiveness of the game in empowering and safeguarding the well-being of citizens.