Rayuela Game

RAYUELA game accessible to all, inspired by real stories gathered during our research, empowering children, young people, and minors to combat cybercrime and safeguard themselves.

The RAYUELA GAME is a unique tool designed to educate and empower young people about the risks and benefits linked to the use of the Internet. The game mirrors the project’s main goal, firstly, to better understand the drivers and human factors affecting certain aspects of cybercriminal behavior and, ultimately, contribute to the prevention, detection, and mitigation of the considered cybercrime.

We believe it is possible to contribute to preventing and mitigating cybercriminal behavior by developing a serious game. By imitating real-life situations, players can interactively immerse themselves in real-life scenarios that replicate cybercriminal behavior and learn more engagingly and enjoyably.

At RAYUELA, we focus on prevention from cyberbullying, online grooming, human trafficking, misinformation and deception, and technological cybercrimes. By playing the game, players can better understand the risk and situations they might encounter in the online environment and learn how to face them, thanks to the stories presented in the game.

Players begin the game by creating their avatars and discovering the game’s main plot. However, each storyline differs based on the player’s decision-making capabilities to react to different risk situations they may encounter online.

The game development process has undergone several pilot tests to ensure that the game dynamics would help us gather data in a user-friendly, motivational, and non-invasive way, having tested the game online and during in-person workshops.

The objective of the RAYUELA GAME is to collect valuable data on the human factors affecting online behavior, which can be further analyzed and utilized to provide recommendations for appropriate policies and measures to combat cybercrime. Everyone – including LEAs, public administrations, EU citizens, young people, parents, and educators – can gain valuable insight into cybercriminal behavior by playing the game.

Join the RAYUELA GAME, take the first step in understanding the risks and benefits of using the Internet, and become more knowledgeable, empowered, and resilient to fight against cybercrime.

The RAYUELA game, accessible to all and inspired by real stories gathered during research, is a unique tool empowering children, young people, and minors to combat cybercrime by immersing them in simulated online situations; the recently published “Safeguarding Cyber Spaces” handbook provides practical guidance and resources to complement the game-based learning by equipping educators and professionals with expertise, critical thinking capabilities and skills to help safeguard young people in the online world before and after engaging with the game’s interactive scenarios focused on preventing cyberbullying, detecting fake news, and avoiding online exploitation.

Added value

RAYUELAs add value in this area:

  1. educate and raise awareness of cybercrime
  2. target specific vulnerable groups (youth)
  3. fully integrated gaming environment of all storylines
  4. multi-platform serious game
  5. conduct an extensive analysis and vulnerability tests on the most used devices among children and young adults
  6. player – youth, and children will learn not only from their actions but also their mindset and decisions in the game
  7. collaboration with LEAs from the very beginning