The International Summit on Youth and Cybercrime was held in Valencia, Spain on March 1, 2023, drawing over 150 on-site and 220 online attendees from 33 nations. Experts from law enforcement, academia, industry, civil society, and media gathered to discuss trends in juvenile cybercrime and its human and technical drivers. The RAYUELA project, which uses an interactive video game to empower minors with online safety skills, was presented during the event.

The Summit gained notable media coverage, including interviews with RAYUELA and CC-DRIVER project partners on local Valencia television (note: from 04:09 minute). This influential dissemination spotlights RAYUELA’s innovative approach to preventing cyberbullying, grooming, and trafficking through serious gaming. The event offered an impactful platform to promote the project’s progress in educating youth on safely navigating the internet’s risks before its conclusion in September 2023.