TikTok awareness-raising campaign 


ALL DIGITAL realized d a 5-month TikTok cybercrime awareness campaign. The innovative project engaged young musicians to produce original content tailored for teens. Significantly, the campaign went beyond just posting on social media. The Dutch artists and their producers also promoted it on TV, local newspapers, and radio in the Netherlands.

On TikTok, artists created videos on cyberbullying, grooming, and trafficking. The campaign generated nearly 40,000 views.

Key success factors included having a clear strategy, consistent branding, leveraging viral hashtags, efficient scheduling, and investing in TikTok promotion.

This youth-led pilot demonstrated the power of tapping into youth culture on platforms they use, like TikTok. Music proved an impactful communication medium.

By leveraging social media and multi-channel promotion, the campaign provided a strong model for educating young people on vital digital issues.