D4.8 Ethical code for social research dealing with children and/or young people using serious games


RAYUELA deliverable 4.8 is ethical code for social research that deals with adolescents1 using serious game. It is developed with RAYUELA project in mind, but can be used as a reference for any other activities focusing on children and adolescents and experiments done with them. The ethics code sets important principles to be followed in working with adolescents and relevant questions for every step of the research (planning of research, conduct of the research and application of research results). This ethics code is additional material for the various materials dealing with data protection (D4.1, D4.2, D4.3, D4.4) and ethical issues (D4.6, D4.7, D9.1.2) in RAYUELA. 

The aim of the ethics code is to support WP5 in validation of the game, especially during recruitment and deployment, supervised testing, real-piloting the game, monitoring the pilot studies and evaluating the results (D5.1 and D5.2). 

The principles highlighted in this ethics code are: respect, beneficence and non-maleficence, justice, responsibility, honesty and integrity. 

“Applying the principles” section is distributed in the four main categories (creation of the game and aims of the activities, working with adolescents, privacy and personal data, and using and disseminating research results) where all relevant ethical questions are presented and explanations provided of how the main principles should be followed.