D7.1 Communication and dissemination plan


Cybersecurity is one of the Commission’s priorities in its response to the Coronavirus crisis, which has witnessed increased cyber attacks. RAYUELA is a project specifically conceived to address this sensitive issue, offering an unprecedented response in full alignment with the key objectives of the Commission’s Research and Innovation framework programmes. 

RAYUELA brings together law enforcement agencies, sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists, legal experts, computer scientists and engineers to develop innovative methodologies for enhanced cybersecurity. The stakeholders involved will achieve a better understanding of the factors affecting online behaviour related to new digital attack vectors and cybercriminality and boost the potential of young talents in the adoption of cybersecurity and advanced technologies. RAYUELA’s main goal is to better understand the drivers and human factors affecting cyber-criminality, thus empowering and educating young target groups to a more conscious and aware use of the Internet through gaming, in a preventive and mitigating action to reduce cybercriminal behaviour. 

This document focuses on the communication and dissemination plan of the whole RAYUELA project. It provides an overall summary of the main dissemination objectives and communication channels including information of how we will target the potential users, relevant stakeholders and other actors involved in the area of interest of the project. This document will serve as a “living document” throughout the project, guiding the communication and dissemination effort carried out by the consortium. The main update, if necessary, will be provided during the report periods of the project (M12 and M24, M36).