D7.3 RAYUELA’s website


RAYUELA’s website serves as the primary communication and dissemination channel. It is used as the main gateway to spread all relevant information concerning the progress and deliverables of the project to the broader public. The website’s main objective was to make it intuitive, dynamic, and user-friendly. It was designed from scratch, and no third-party templates were used.

The project’s public website (https://www.rayuela-h2020.eu/) is developed and maintained by Bratislava Policy Institute (BPI) as the leader of WP7 –  communication and dissemination activities. The initial version of the RAYUELA website was launched on the 2nd of February 2021, and it is regularly updated with all relevant information. The project website’s central section (page) is provided in English. Access to the project website is monitored via Google Analytics. The maintenance of the website and the update of drivers, gadgets, and tools are done on a monthly basis, so there are no deviations that could affect interactive content, figures, or other deliverables present on the website.