D7.8 – D7.10 Reports on communication and dissemination activities


The present report on communication and dissemination activities and strategy update aims to provide the latest information on the communication and dissemination tools developed in the projects. This report provides a full overview of the first phases of RAYUELA project, and an overview of all activities related to the communication and dissemination that project partners have carried out during the first months of the project. 

The report has been compiled by Bratislava Policy Institute (BPI) who is the leader of WP7 communication and dissemination. The report also detailed all the past communication and dissemination activities of the whole consortium and of each project partner on their individual level. The report analyses the RAYUELA activities of the consortium carried out in the first 12, 24 and 36 months of the project. It sets out the impact assessment of: 

  1. a) Communication channels/ tools and activities (as project website, cloud platforms, social media accounts, newsletters, infographic, and other). 
  2. b) Dissemination activities, materials, and publications. 
  3. c) Key performance indicators. 
  4. d) Future dissemination and communication project activities. 
  5. e) Risk management and coordination.