D9.1 – D9.2 H – Requirement No. 1/2


In this deliverable, copies of opinions/approvals by ethics committees and/or competent authorities for the research with humans are submitted by all partners involved with research activities which include human participants. 

As in the case of D9.1, since different informed consents are required during the project (e.g., for the interviews of victims and offenders in WP1 and for the serious game pilots involving minors in WP5), different ethics committees’ approvals are also required. As a result, this deliverable will be submitted in two complementary deliverables with the approval of the Project Officer. A third release is likely. 

  • • D9.2.1: Current version of the deliverable, submitted in M5, focuses on ethics committees’ approvals for the informed consents related to WP1 and, in particular, to task T1.2 “Semi-structured and in-depth interviews to key informants”. 
  • • D9.2.2: The second release of the deliverable is submitted in M20 and focuses on the ethics committees’ approvals for informed consents related to WP5, and the extension for the survey and the focus groups.